Achieving Excellence Together

Computer Lab

Computer is used as a tool for learning different subjects. The school has new well equipped computer lab with Personal Computers with a continuously monitored internet and WiFi access. The computer lab itself has over 22 computers, where the students can access the Professional Software that allows them to use modern technology in learning and in producing a variety of qualitative work. The lab is under continuous monitoring of the System and which provides necessary help to the teachers and the students in utilizing IT to its fullest advantage.

Science Lab

We have Science laboratory with adequate facilities for practical work in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These encourage students to learn through experiment and research. Students of all classes make regular visits to the laboratories to get a first hand experience of the things taught in class. Teachers try to make science classes interesting and lively by showing experiments taken from real life. Science exhibition is held every year to give the students an opportunity to display their powers of observation and inference.


Young minds often find it difficult to focus on one thing for a long time. When books and notebooks are all that are being taught with, it’s not hard to see why minds wander beyond the classroom walls, out of the window and out into nature.

There are alternatives to this though; so at FSHS we give a chance to the students to learn through the practical learning and by doing hands on activities by themselves. With media that is young and visually arresting, youngsters are more likely to pay attention. We also have projectors and modern audio-video gear make that focuses the attention of the young students on the lesson being taught.


Reading culture is taken seriously at FSHS. Like many habits, reading habit is also well established when children are still young. Therefore, a well facilitated library is maintained in the school. Students are encouraged to check out library books every week.

At FSHS, this joy is celebrated with a huge library full of titles that cover the entire spectrum of literature, science and technology and what not. The interiors of the place are designed in a way that ensures students have the most relaxed time possible as they go around the world within pages.


There’s something about the performing arts that sets the soul free. It might not be for everyone, not every one of us can give a great speech, perform a solo dance or sing to an enthralled audience but we never know until we give it a shot.
At Future Stars High School we have seat auditoriums, where many students give it a shot and find out that they are indeed great public speakers, dancers or singers. They find that they do enjoy it a lot. As they discover these qualities about themselves, they feel proud and they also know that they are unique and special.


The School cafeteria serves clean, fresh and balanced snacks to all the students and staff in the school. The school menu does keep changing daily .The cooks prepare great nutritious snacks each day, keeping in mind an excellent standard of hygiene and nutrition set by the schools, ensuring the physical and mental health of students. Also available is an assortment of soft drinks and warm drinks according to the weather which refreshes an active mind and body.


The school provides well-maintained bus covering almost all the major parts of the valley. Safety is the main focus while providing this service. Each bus is escorted by a supervisor, beside the driver and all the buses are provided with a mobile phone and first aid box.

We at FSHS will be starting Pre –Nursery and Nursery under the Montessori Scheme till Primary Level following the goals:

  • To provide and introduce the culture of early childhood education based on Montessori principles and philosophy.
  • To respect and integrate Nepali culture and value while being Montessorian in its core approach.
  • To provide education to the children of early childhood years and to help them grow into a fine human being having a good  balance in physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.
  • To help the children develop independence and deep self esteem by providing safe and stimulating child friendly environment.
  • To give a strong all rounded pre-school foundation to its students so that they will have smooth and successful transition into primary education.