Awards & Rewards


The school operates a system of awarding the students, to support good conduct in behavior and their academic performances. The vast majority of pupils behave well in school and a number of awards and rewards are available to them. We not only award our students but also our teachers for their dedication and contribution in making the students reach for the stars. Below are the list of the awards that we give :

    • Ulendra Memorial Academic Award for Class 5
    • Mohan Bahadur Pandey Academic award for Class 7
    • Sri Satya Sai Outstanding Award Boy/Girl
    • Shyam Bhahadur Pandey Memorial Award for SLC Topper
    • Service Award
    • Best Teachers’ Award Junior and Senior

The school feels very proud in awarding Tuition Fees Scholarship to the deserving student, who stands First in the whole of class in each term.


Gifted and Talented Pupils

The school is beginning to identify pupils with high attainment and with talents .The purpose of this is to make the students feel proud of themselves and their talents so to start  in the field of music we have the title “ Sofia’s ETERNAL VOICE,VOICE of FUTURE STAR’S” . The sponsor for this award is Mr.& Mrs. Nucchhe Man Maharjan, Parent of our student ,Lt.Sofia Maharjan. Provision for these pupils includes regular enrichment sessions and the opportunity to develop their skills, cash prize and a trophy.